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Thousands of Arkansans Make Historic Journey Through Snow to Bass Pro Shops

Little Rock, AR - As snowfall reaches monumental levels across the natural state, thousands of Arkansans are making a historic journey to Bass Pro Shops in Little Rock. ARDOT reports that many have abandoned their vehicles on the sides of roads to continue on foot. "Arkansans are reverting to primal instinct with the onset of blizzard-like conditions. It is very confusing that that primal instinct means making what is in some cases a journey of well over a hundred miles in the snow to Bass Pro Shops," one scientist said.

Spa City Chronicle caught was able to phone in with one Arkansan making the journey with a group from the western part of the state. "I woke up this morning and had this uncontrollable urge to go to Bass Pro Shops. I loaded the family up and we began our journey at around 4 am." He says they met up with neighbors and formed a 10 car convoy but had to abandon their vehicles 20 miles outside of town. "We have been walking for about 4 hours now, are in good spirits, and plan to make it there within a day or two."

Governor Hutchinson is considering setting up checkpoints with supplies for the ones making this epic trek to the outdoor retailer. Supplies will include Starbucks coffee, dry Ugg Boots, Mossy Oak brand hand warmers, and Yeti decals for those still in their vehicles.



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