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Trump Outraged Over Media Coverage of Biden Fall

Mar-A-Lago, Florida — During an interview on Fox News Sunday, former president Donald Trump said he’s appalled at how the media is giving so much coverage to President Biden’s fall while boarding Air Force One over the weekend. While speaking with Chris Wallace the former president said his double handed sip of water was twice as embarrassing and received a fraction of the coverage Biden is getting.

“Biden has a fall and the fake news media is all over it, but when I drink water like I’ve been in a nursing home for the last 10 years, barely a mention.” Trump believes this is just a continuation of the media’s all out war against him.

He plans on staging an incident when campaigning for Sarah Sanders in Arkansans. “I hope when I have my embarrassing moment in Arkansans, the media does the right thing and shows that I have the most embarrassing moments and not Election Fraud Joe.”

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