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Valentine's Day Altercation Lands Hot Springs Man in ICU

Hot Springs, AR - A local man was sent to the NPMC ICU early Tuesday morning after an altercation with his wife.

“We received a call from a residence on Albert Pike road about a domestic dispute between a husband and wife. When officers arrived the husband was in and out of consciousness with a very large heart-shaped box appeared to be forced somewhere it definitely did not belong.”

The wife, who called 911 after the incident reportedly told officers on the scene that he would not stop trying “the butt stuff” on her and “gave him what he wanted.”

The suspect admitted to shoving the box of chocolates up her husband’s ass after he would not leave her alone about trying anal sex, according to the report. The victim was said to have been screaming “That's not what I meant!” as he was being taken from the scene to an ambulance.



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