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Walmart Making Changes to Speed Up Customer Checkouts

Hot Springs, AR - Retail giant Walmart is set to make historical changes to checkout areas later this summer. For years customers have complained about slow checkouts, and now the Bentonville-based company says they have a solution. "We've spent hundreds of seconds coming up with an answer to this problem, and now we think we've come up with something that will really get lines moving.

They plan on training cashiers to be special uniformed security to patrol their speedy checkout lines. They will ensure all customers going through these lines strictly adhere to the twenty items or less policy. People not following the policy risk being tazed, beaten and sent to the back of the line.

Some people are concerned that moving the already minimal cashier staff to security positions will only cause longer checkout times. "Fewer cashiers and threats of physical violence? How is that supposed to better our shopping experience," one customer said.

Walmart does acknowledge that there will be fewer cashiers but says the watching people get tazed for having too many items will provide customers with some entertainment while they are waiting.



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