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Ark 911 News Creator Bans Self from Page Ending 9 Year Run

Hot Springs, AR - At 1am on January 23 Arkansas 911 News shut down after the founder/chief editor Paul Maddox banned himself following a demeaning remark he made towards local law enforcement. After almost ten years of banning people, Maddox became the thing he swore to never allow on his platform, a hater.

In a statement released on his personal account, he explained that after a long night of scanner stalking, Facebook banning, please pay for my service posting; in a brief moment of weakness, he commented on one of Ark911 post from his personal account complaining about “heroes” not buying subscriptions after years of support he has shown them.

“In the interest of being fair and not a hypocrite, I am banning myself from Arkansas 911 News following a comment I made against local law enforcement. With this self ban, I will no longer be able to post on the page, so I am in essence firing myself from Arkansas 911 News.” — Paul Maddox



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