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A Sinkhole Swallows Downtown Hot Springs due to Tourist overload Ahead of Monday’s Eclipse

Hot Springs, AR - In a shocking turn of events, the charming downtown Hot Springs has literally caved under the pressure of its own popularity. The once bustling streets are now marred by a colossal sinkhole, all because too many tourists wanted a piece of the action. Eyewitnesses report that the sinkhole appeared overnight, apparently triggered by an overload of selfie-taking visitors. "It was like everyone wanted to capture the perfect moment in front of every landmark," remarked one local, shaking their head. "Next thing you know, poof! Down goes Central Ave."Geologists are scratching their heads, trying to make sense of this unusual phenomenon. Dr. Rock Strata, a leading expert in the field, suspects that the combined weight of tourist and their eclipse gear might have triggered the collapse. "When you have thousands of people standing in one place, all holding their breath for the perfect angle, it's bound to have consequences," Dr. Strata explained. City officials are scrambling to assess the damage and devise a plan to rescue the lost shops and cafes now residing in the depths below. In the meantime, local businesses are capitalizing on the situation, offering sinkhole-themed merchandise and tours on top of eclipse themed gear. "Why not turn lemons into lemonade?" shrugged one entrepreneur, sporting a "I Survived the Hot Springs Sinkhole" t-shirt. As for the tourists, they seem undeterred. "It's all part of the adventure," one intrepid traveler declared while peering into the abyss. "Besides, it's not every day you get to witness a literal meltdown of a vacation hotspot."In the end, Hot Springs serves as a cautionary tale of what happens when a town becomes too hot to handle due to a 3 minute eclipse. Remember folks, always take your selfies in moderation, and maybe stick to postcards for the truly iconic shots.



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