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Arkansas Trail Guide Recounts All The People She Lost During Career

Arkansas - A retiring Arkansas trail guide looking back at her career says maybe she should have chosen a different career after losing almost every customer she has had. “I honestly don't know how I stayed in business over the last twenty years, but then again, there was no one left to complain.”

Over her career, she says she's lost 250 people and at least 30 dogs. “I mean, it looks bad but some of those people were real assholes. The ones that pulled up with all that Salt-Life shit pasted on their lifted shitty Jeeps, I lost on purpose. Those pretentious pricks had to go.” The dogs she says she feels terrible about though.

Law enforcement says there was nothing they could do but contact the Better Business Bureau but they wouldn't do anything as there was never anyone left to corroborate their claims. “It’s not illegal to lose people so we couldn’t go the criminal charges route and the BBB was no help because there were no actual customers to complain.

The number of new missing persons cases is expected to drop drastically with this woman’s retirement.



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