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Bentonville Fire Captain Thankful for Support on Social Media of His Racism

Hot Springs, AR — A fire captain with the Bentonville Fire Department was arrested and charged for battery after a fight with an Asian man outside of Oaklawn Casino in Hot Springs. The captain, Benjamin Snodgrass, 44, says he is thankful for all the support he has been receiving on social media for the incident in an exclusive interview with Spa City Chronicle.

“From the people who didn’t even read the article and came to their own conclusions about it just being race bating by the fake news media, to the ones who side step the issue completely and ask what about hate crimes against whites, I am truly thankful.”

Snodgrass feels that approaching racism in this manner will eventually normalize it for the rest of Arkansans. “This is America and if I want to beat up another American because I think he’s not American, well dammit, that should be my right to do so.”



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