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Chief Keith Clarifys Radar Information Correct in the Metaverse

Little Rock Ar. - With thousands of Arkansans scratching their heads over the invisible ice storm that has bombarded the state over the last 48 hours, Keith Monahan went live on social media to clarify the confusing radar data.

In the 9-minute video, he explained how the entire week's forecast was doppler radar information from inside the metaverse. “The radar data was actually 100% correct for this weather system. You just had to be logged into Facebook’s Metaverse to experience it. Take Meta-Hot Springs for instance; they experienced widespread power outages and roads are still impassable.”

The Arkansas Storm Team says that taking Metaverse data into account when making the forecast will increase forecast accuracy by 1000000% and give them an easy out when it comes to a bad forecast. “Just because you can't see the accurate forecast doesn't mean it's not true. You just have to look somewhere else. If we fuck up there, we’ll just shove dome other nonsense down your throats and call it a day. Kind of like what we did here.”



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