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Dollar General's Unchecked Expansion Latest Threat to Arkansans in 2020

Little Rock, AR - With the state in the middle of a pandemic and protests against systemic racism that has led to the death of another unarmed black man, Arkansans have taken little notice of Dollar Generals popping up around the state. "We woke up this morning, and it was just there," Mike Anderson of Benton said during an interview. Anderson is referring to a field next to his house that he claims turned into a fully functioning Dollar General overnight.

Upon investigation, SCC found this to be the case all around the state. Hundreds of people are reporting Dollar Generals popping up out of nowhere. When reached for comment, the governor's office says they were just made aware of the situation within the last 48 hours but have already dispatched state investigators to look into it. Preliminary reports show an estimated 8000 Dollar General locations being open within the last week.

With the current situations the state is dealing with, the governor feels that there will be little his administration can do to slow the spread of the store. "At the current rate, we estimate Arkansas will be completely overrun by Dollar General within the month," a rep for Asa Hutchinson said.

Hutchinson plans to declare an emergency for the state and will be asking for federal resources in combating the spread of Dollar General. "As a state, we will face this new threat together, and WE WILL OVERCOME," Hutchinson said via a news conference.



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