Highway Accident Leads to Over a Dozen Bull Sharks Being Dumped in Ouachita River

Hot Springs, AR - An early morning accident on Airport Road led to the accidental release of over a dozen Bull Sharks into the Ouachita River, one being 15ft in length. The single-vehicle crash happened just before dawn on Thursday morning. The driver 34-year-old Matthew Tucker says he swerved to miss a deer in the middle of the road when his truck left the roadway close to Paradise Cove Marina and entered the Ouachita River.

His truck, carrying over a dozen bull sharks was recovered by mid-day Thursday but all the sharks were missing. Arkansas Game and Fish is especially worried about the situation as one of the sharks measured 15ft in length. "We are extremely concerned as these animals will likely wreak havoc on the local ecosystem and injure those trying to enjoy the river and enjoining lakes," a spokesman for the agency said. Officials are advising fishermen to be extra cautious while they attempt to catch all the escaped sharks. "If all the sharks are not found by the beginning of the summer swimming season, we are going to have a really big problem on our hands but for now we are warning fishermen to be extra careful while out on the water," the spokesman continued.

The largest Shark, named Jaws for his extremely aggressive behavior, is the top priority for capture. "While the other dozen sharks do pose a threat, the most immediate one is Him. He was captured attacking a small boat. He was being relocated to avoid having to destroy him. He is a very dangerous animal. The others were classified as nuisance animals as they had been disturbing fishermen in various rivers."