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Hit TV Show Wraps Up Filming In Hot Springs

The show COPS finished up a week and a half of filming for a two-part special on

Hot Springs today. According to the show's producers, they spent time with both HSPD and GCSO in what they are calling one of the "strangest episodes" ever filmed. "Imagine yourself in a real life version of Grand Theft Auto. I mean there's crazy and then there's Hot Springs," one producer said. The production company says there is going to have to be an enormous amount of editing done before it would be allowed on television.

There were two separate crews, one following HSPD and one following GCSO. According to the crew following Hot Springs Police, the most memorable calls they went out on were one dealing call of animal abuse and an out of control party. "The call of animal abuse was just weird. We come up on this house with its door wide open and there is a dog taking a hit from a bong while a man is holding it. Then there was the house party. As soon as we get there, these drunk girls rush the officer with me. He couldn't even call for backup because they're all trying to get him to play strip poker. Poor guy couldn't do nothin but blush."

The crew following the sheriff's office says they didn't fare much better. "Their dispatch sent us on a call of an overdose on mushrooms. We get there and some guy claiming to be the troll-king tries to get the deputies to go on some quest with him. When they refuse and try to detain him, he tries to take off in the patrol unit. Then there was a suspected DWI. Well, I don't know why I say suspected; we got to the guy's car and he's in a speedo, chugging vodka. Even asked the deputy if he wanted some."

The show is looking to set up a permanent location here, calling the area a "ratings gold mine". While there are those that would see it as exploitation, retail shops are already beginning to capitalize on it, putting out lots of COPS themed merchandise.



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