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Hot Springs Woman Fighting City & State to Keep Dog

Hot Springs, AR - A Hot Springs woman is claiming that ever since she brought a dog back from Africa, local and state officials have been trying to take the animal away. Officials aren't disputing this but are saying the animal is not a dog but in fact a full-grown lion.

The woman, identified as Jan Carney, says that just because it is not biologically a dog, it doesn't give state officials the right to discriminate against the animal. "I know in my heart of hearts he identifies as a dog. He loves belly rubs and being walked on a leash," Carney said.

Officials with the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission say that while she might think the animal identifies as a dog, recent incidents paint a different picture. "She's had that damn thing for two weeks and its already eaten two bullmastiffs. Ever seen a dog do that," an official said.

We'll bring you more details as they become available.



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