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HSPD Introduces Wolf as New K-9 Officer


Hot Springs, AR - A week after arresting one of their own, HSPD has found a replacement in the form of a wolf. The animal, nicknamed "Bloodlust" boasts a 100% kill rate when capturing fleeing criminals, eats them apon capture, and he is neutered. "He's going to save Garland County thousands in prisoner housing. He eats what he captures, and we don't have to worry about any lawsuits because of sexual misconduct," according to Joey Williams, the departments public relations officer.

When asked about the potential backlash of having a wild animal that already has a taste for blood on the force, Williams said it was "either that or another dog that's going to rape every perp we bring in."

Click HERE for the original story on why Hot Springs Police needed a new K-9 in the first place.



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