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Pornhub and Harrison, AR Enter Partnership to Curb Town’s Racist Image

Harrison, AR - The City of Harrison and Pornhub Inc. have entered into a multimillion-dollar partnership to open a production studio in Harrison and produce the website’s interracial videos at that site. The first phase of the partnership is several billboards going up at sites where racist billboards are already up.

The deal is projected to bring millions into the local economy, and give the city a surplus in tax revenues. “We are so excited to introduce this new million-dollar deal to the citizens of Harrison. It will destroy the long-standing racist reputation and bring Harrison socially, economically, and sexually into the 21st century,” the mayor said in a joint press conference.

According to Pornhub, one of the most important factors in the deal is hiring local models. “We know it will be hard for many locals to even consider such a thing but we plan on paying locals six-figure incomes for contracts. We want to show the racist element that still survives in Harrison that the grass is most certainly greener and bigger on the other side.”

Billboards will start going up in early March and groundbreaking on the new production site in late April.



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