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Season 35 of The Simpsons to Start With 2 Part Episode Set in Hot Springs

Hot Springs, AR - Fox’s long-running, hit sitcom, The Simpsons, is rumored to start season 35 with Homer and his family vacationing in Arkansas’ spa city. While official details of the season opener aren’t available, rumors of how Hot Springs will be portrayed in the show have city officials nervous.

A leaked script that was posted to Reddit has the family, and Homer in particular, running afoul of many Hot Springs hot spots. From an overly polluted Lake Hamilton to Bart Simpson coming up missing with little action from Hot Springs Police. The two-part season opener is said to shine a bad light on the vacation destination.

“The city is ready to take legal action against Fox if they move forward with destroying Hot Springs’ reputation with facts masked as jokes,” Mayor Pat McCabe said in a statement. The board of directors, police, and sheriff’s department released a joint statement saying they have all worked too hard to cover up the dark side of Hot Springs to have Hollywood come in and ruin it.

“Hot Springs is as dangerous as Chicago and it takes a coordinated effort from city and county officials to cover up what all goes on here and make it a vacation destination. We don’t need a major TV network coming in and ruining it.”

Hot Springs Police and Garland County Sheriff are especially worried about the rumored storyline involving Bart Simpson going missing and nothing being done by local law enforcement. “Do you realize the shit show that will be unleashed if they shine a light on the unsolved missing persons and murder cases between HSPD and us,” Sheriff McCormick said.



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